Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What a miserable day...

Well the weather has been vile today! Wind, rain and general ickyness! But, the cold weather keeps you indoors, the perfect excuse to curl up with a nice big hot chocolate topped with whipped cream from a can and mount your samples!

I had a lovely surprise when looking through my work. I've been panicking since about October that I haven't got enough work and that the collection doesn't flow, but when I had a change to lay them all flat I thought to myself "I've actually done pretty good". Just a few last touch ups to my overflowing sketchbook (which I fear may have to be taken apart and put back together) and I should be ready for my assessment on the 16th!

Off to The Range tomorrow, a place that sells EVERYTHING! Not quite everything but they usually have nice fabrics and random bits and bobs for your house. They also sell my favourite treat, broken biscuits! So I can see another day tomorrow full of knitting and eating food stuffs that will help me gain layers of fat for urm...insulation purposes.

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