Friday, 27 January 2012

Post Grade Celebrations and Commiserations

So, yesterday was our grade review for the first half of my final year. I was pleased with my results but now I know how much work I have to put into this term and I'm not so scared as I was in September. There is always room for improvement, and now I now where I made my mistakes. This time round I'm going to do what I enjoy and find reflects me rather than what I think is right for "the market".

Milan, Ambrosiana - Anatomical Notebook

I'm hoping to look at anatomical sketches of skeletons and natural structures of the body. I have so many ideas that will be amazing if I can get it done correctly, and if I had all the money I want to throw at this, I may even be able to do an amazing final show display.The new year starts for me here and now, so bring it on!

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