Thursday, 23 February 2012

Grande Galerie de l'√Čvolution

The "Grande Galerie de l'√Čvolution" In Paris, France.

Here are a selection of images that have inspired my final projects work. There were some amazing things, some strange things and even some gruesome, but all were very interesting. The following pictures show skeletons of tiny Frogs and Lizards, to Human skeletons and even Black Rhinos. There were even fossils of Mammoths and giant Fish.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Je ne comprends pas Paris

Ultramod - Vintage trimmings and millinery shop 

The dome in the centre of Gallery La Fayette

View of the Eiffel Tower at the top of Gallery La Fayette

Notre Dame

Enterance way into Notre Dame

Bridge of love covered in padlocks

The Louvre's Pyramid

Inside the Louvre

Armless and headless angel


Notre Dame at night

The Eiffel Tower

So I have experienced Paris and well, lets say its not one I will be forgetting any time soon! It was amazing to go and see The Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph but I was a little less amazed with Paris itself. Something about lots of dog poo on the streets and people spitting all over the floor doesn't scream "Capital of fashion, culture and love" to me! However, I did find the trip incredibly useful to my work as we went to Premiere Vision and Indigo that were full of textile companies that were showing their fore castings for Summer/Spring 2013 and some of the things were stunning, although I found the freelance companies in Indigo and their designs a lot more creative than than those of Premiere Vision's companies. Unfortunately, I could take pictures which is a huge shame. But I do have plenty of tourist pictures, as well as a tonne of images taken from the Grande Galerie de L'Evolution, which was full of fossils and skeleton's of animals. Perfect for my work!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Another G.I.M.P piece

I've been playing about with G.I.M.P again but this time it was for a reason. I created this one of my friend'sdog, Charlie. So here we go!

The original image... version :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Pretty Chuffed

I recently downloaded GIMP, image software similar to Adobe Illustrator, and thought I would have a little play about on it and I am so proud I thought I would upload them now :) I was only taught how to use some aspects of Illustrator last week so this is why I'm proud!
This image was the first I created to get to grips with the pen tool, it's a cartoon image I made for my little brother of him as he made one of me using his new graphics tablet last week (my current profile image).
This image is of myself and my Mum, in our all in one outfits at Christmas. I am incredibly proud as it was my first actual attempt at an illustrator type image and it may have its flaws and faults but it's an achievement for me, one I felt was good enough to show off on my blog!

Inspirational Existing Products

Sandra Buckland

Sandra Buckland

Sandra Buckland

Sandra Buckland

Guri Pederson

Guri Pederson

Guri Pederson

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well my work is really coming on and I have finally found my own style, it's only taken 2 and a half years!! I am able to combine colours well but I find that my work shines most when using a basic colour palet and concentrating on sculptural techniques.

I found a very strange but inspiring instillation by an artist called Ben Cuevas, it's entirely knitted and oddly calming. Cuevas has also created some anatomically correct face masks using different textures and colours to represent the different layers that make up the face.