Sunday, 1 July 2012

Da Vinci Exhibition and Post New Designers

New Designers is now over and seemed to fly by, it was such an amazing oppertunity to speak to professionals and the press as well as seeing some of the UK's best talent in Textiles as well as Fashion, Ceramics, Jewelry and Contemporary Art. Only positive things can come of it I guess!

I also used the oppertunity to see some exhibits whilst in London, as it has been the inspiration for my final years work, the Leonardo Da Vinci:Anatomist exhbit was the first on my list. It was truely amazing and a definate must see! The detail that went into his drawings and the accuracy was just breathe taking. People have said the Mona Lisa was too small and a dissapointment; the anatomical drawings were aroun A5 size and phenominal!

I also saw Gunther von Hagen's Animals Inside out as a personal interest of mine. It was really interesting to see animals in that way, they are either stuffed or in bone/fossil. The plastination was odd, it didnt seem like they were real creatures, just plastic models of them, although the sliced giraffe and horse did seem far more realistic as they still had their orignional features, and the size of the elephant was also amazing.

Here are a few snaps I managed to sneak of the Inside Out exhibit and a few of the Anatoist exhibit but I have a full album here:


Inside Out: