Friday, 6 January 2012

Skiing Tomorrow!

St. Anton am Alberg, Austria - 2009
So I'm off skiing in Tignes, France, tomorrow morning so no posts for a week, but when I get back I promise lots and lots of beautiful mountain top photography.

I'm even taking my sketch book with me so no excuses for not doing any work before D Day, I don't know if it's over the top for me to take work on a relaxing holiday or just me being a realistic 3rd year. Either way I think I'm going to come home more tired than when I left but that's the whole point of skiing I s'pose :)

Have a good week everyone and I shall see you on the otherside


  1. Hi Julia,
    Just wanted to thank you so much for following my blog! You lucky lucky thing off to france! Keep in touch,

    1. Thank you very much, I had a lovely holiday and have lots of inspiring pictures (both mental and physical images)