Monday, 6 February 2012

Pretty Chuffed

I recently downloaded GIMP, image software similar to Adobe Illustrator, and thought I would have a little play about on it and I am so proud I thought I would upload them now :) I was only taught how to use some aspects of Illustrator last week so this is why I'm proud!
This image was the first I created to get to grips with the pen tool, it's a cartoon image I made for my little brother of him as he made one of me using his new graphics tablet last week (my current profile image).
This image is of myself and my Mum, in our all in one outfits at Christmas. I am incredibly proud as it was my first actual attempt at an illustrator type image and it may have its flaws and faults but it's an achievement for me, one I felt was good enough to show off on my blog!

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