Monday, 4 June 2012

Final Degree Show Part 2

So, the degree show is up and running at the moment after days of hard labour and perfecting our displays. I'm so pleased with the end result and hope you enjoy/enjoyed it too (if you were able to make it).

The private viewing held on the 1st of June marked the end of a 3 year journey through University and the start of a new one into the world of work. It was amazing to see how far my course mates and I have come from September 2009, the skills we have all gained, the significant style each of us have acquired but most of all, the life long bonds we have. I knew that the day would come to say good bye to it all, I never thought it would come this soon, and I am sad to leave it behind, but I'm so excited to see whats out there and embrace what ever is thrown at me.

Private Viewing at the "Odyssey Degree Show", 01.06.2012

Deciding a layout for the show before the private view

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